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  • Steve Croydon


It’s month EIGHT! Another great month of discovering exciting new music from some amazing independent artists – remember if you’re reading this and you or someone you know wants to get their music out there and feature in a future Spotlight article, all you have to do is get in touch! Simply click the ‘Recommend a song’ button at the top of the page or slide into my DM’s on Instagram @steves_stereo. Thanks to everyone who reads and gets in contact for your ongoing support, now please enjoy this week’s plethora of fabulous independent music!

Sandra North – My Song

First up this week we have Sweden-born Sandra North, who finally released her EP Long Time Coming at the end of last month. As an independent artist, she said she has “waited a lifetime to release” it and that the songs have been “begging to be let out”. Well, finally they are here and the EP is an impressive fusion of modern country with pop and some classic rock elements thrown in for good measure. For fans of Carrie Underwood and The Band Perry, you’ll no doubt love Sandra North’s new EP, especially My Song, which is an uplifting and motivational self-love track all about spreading your wings. An impressive record, congratulations Sandra!

Ross Harmon – Forever

Speaking to Steve’s Stereo, Northampton-born singer-songwriter and West End star Ross Harmon said of his new single Forever, it is “the culmination of thirteen years of self-discovery,” something that shows us this is an artist who appreciates the process and is dedicated to his craft. Having starred in shows such as Mamma Mia and Heathers, this has only enhanced the storytelling in his own music, and Forever tells the story of someone taking stock of their relationship, and realising the person they’re with truly has the power to change their life for the better. A very sweet message with an interesting perspective, and as someone who is rapidly becoming a bigger and bigger fan of musical theatre, it’s great to see this fusion in Ross’ latest track.

Jennifer Juliette – Columns

Up next is the gorgeous vocal talent of Jennifer Juliette, with the powerful ballad Columns, taken from her new EP Anchor. A classically trained Welsh singer, currently based in Berlin, she aims to combine this traditional training with modern mainstream pop, featuring strong searing melodies, all tied up with a personal touch. Columns is a dark and gritty song driven by the heart, all about the breakdown of a relationship. Musically, it’s arranged very well and crescendoes beautifully to an impressive finale, truly showcasing Jennifer’s classic training – this is someone who can SING, without gimmicks or editing, just pure talent. Make sure you stream the Anchor EP now!

Abi Mia – Shadow

Another strong female belter comes in the form of this month’s final artist, Abi Mia, with her new track Shadow. This London-based singer-songwriter aims to combine her soulful vocals with her honest storytelling, creating music which is “deeply emotional and unapologetically hopeful”. Drawing influences from the likes of other huge vocalists such as Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera, the vibe of her tracks is pop-focused, infused with balladic and theatrical elements which is impressive to the ear. This is just the beginning for Abi Mia, who, when speaking with Steve’s Stereo, left us with a quote which feels like a perfect way to sign off this month’s article: “Music is such a powerful positive force in the world... it’s a beautiful way to connect with people.”


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